We’re newly single!

We’re newly single…and sustainable!!

Today marks the official launch date of our very own single-serve Signature Blend coffee cups! The single-serve coffee cups will be compatible with Keurig ®, Cuisinart ®, Breville ®, and Mr. Coffee ® single-serve machines.


We decided to pursue this product extension for several reasons.  First, nearly 3,000,000 pods are used per day in the U.S. alone and this business is growing at a clip of 23%!  Second, Saxbys now serves 10,000+ customers per day in our retail units and the requests for Saxbys pods from our customers have increased exponentially.  Third, the biggest complaints pod consumers have about the current options: they haven’t found a coffee they enjoy and the current options have a terrible environmental impact due to the plastics used in the pods. Therefore, after testing our Signature Blend for months and perfecting the amount of coffee and grind, we are excited to launch the best and most environmentally-friendly single-serve cup on the market: Saxbys Signature!

Our partner has created a fully recyclable cup that not only breaks down naturally and quickly in a landfill, but by using the unique mesh filter, it also enhances the “brew-ability” of the coffee.  As you’ll soon see, the aroma of the coffee after opening the freshness sleeve and the palatability of the brewed Signature Blend is the next best thing to visiting one of our cafes.

Purchase them here!