Saxbys Single-Serve Coffee

Saxbys Single-Serve

Saxbys Coffee is built on a simple ambition — to bring the gourmet coffee experience to homes, offices and neighborhoods across the country. All of our coffee beans are purchased from the top 3% of Arabica coffee grown around the world, then small-batch roasted to their optimal roast profile.

Each single-serve coffee filter is packed with freshly ground coffee that is never burnt or over-roasted. The filter is immediately sealed in our unique freshness sleeve to preserve this quality until it reaches your cup.

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Saxbys Coffee is committed to supporting quality, recycled and eco-friendly products to help ensure a better future for our planet. In our cafes, our cups, lids, java jackets and napkins are 100% recyclable.

Similarly, the Saxbys Single-Serve format offers a fully recyclable life cycle — a quality that distinguishes us from other products on the market today. Our filter is composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene which means, together, we can achieve higher sustainability and a smaller environmental footprint.


  • SIMPLE: Tear open the freshness sleeve and “WHAM!” the rich, nutty aroma of freshly ground coffee elevates your senses.
  • BREW: Place the Signature Blend coffee filter into your single-serve machine and “VOILÀ!” — a freshly brewed cup of Saxbys coffee.
  • ENJOY: Finally… Our award-winning coffee, in your cup, at your convenience.


  • Keurig®
  • Cuisinart®
  • Breville®
  • Mr. Coffee®