General Information


Blending in with Your Neighborhood

Saxbys Coffee assists in locating and securing the perfect Saxbys Coffee site. We review locations for competitive markets and approved demographic scores.

Location, Location, Location

Saxbys Coffee is constantly looking for prime locations for our franchisees to open cafés. The locations range from 250 to over 2,000 sq. ft. Our cafés are in high traffic areas including shopping malls, transportation hubs, downtown metropolitan areas and college campuses. We aid in reviewing the lease and securing the site.


Being Part of a Recognized Retail Name

An integral part of the Saxbys Coffee concept is the look and feel of the location. This uniform look aids in building brand identity.


The Saxbys Coffee corporate team plays an integral role in the layout and design of your location. Every Saxbys Coffee café is designed individually by our corporate architecture team. We focus on the importance of the familiarity of our system while blending a uniqueness of the neighborhood, region or city the café is located in.