If you don’t see something on the menu, just let your barista know and we can make it for you!

Choose your Milk 2%, skim, soy, half & half

Choose your Flavor(s) sugar-free available


Coffee of the Day see the blackboard for daily brews

Cafe Au Lait 1/2 coffee and 1/2 steamed milk

Red Eye coffee with espresso


available hot or iced and with sugar-free syrups

Espresso concentrated coffee
Americano espresso and water

Cappuccino equal parts espresso & milk, with heavy foam

Latte espresso, steamed milk and a dollop of foam

Vanilla Latte espresso, steamed milk and vanilla

Cinnamon Latte espressosteamed milk and cinnamon

Cafe Mocha espresso, steamed milk, chocolate with whipped cream

White Chocolate Mocha espressosteamed milk, white chocolate, whipped cream

Caramel Macchiato espresso, steamed milk, caramel and vanilla

British Islander macadamia nut, english toffee and white chocolate

Specialty Latte see specialty board for options


Frolatte!® Exclusively at Saxbys. Served with whipped cream

Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Mocha Frolatte!®

British Islander Saxbys original blend of macadamia nut, english toffee and white chocolate

Specialty Frolatte!® see specialty board for options


frozen non-coffee drinks, blended cremes served with whipped cream

Chai, Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Blended Creme

Kookie Monster delicious combination of chocolate, chocolate chips and oreos


Nonfat, Sugar-Free Caramel Macchiato

Nonfat, Sugar-Free Mocha

Sugar-Free Chai Tea Latte


Cold Brew Iced Coffee brewed cold, never hot

Iced Tea freshly brewed plain and flavored tea, available daily

Hot Tea ask your barista for options

Hot Chocolate or Steamers steamed milk and flavor with whipped cream

Hot Spiced Apple Cider with caramel and whipped cream

Chai Tea Latte black tea with spices and steamed milk, sugar-free available

Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte


all items are available as an iced latte, hot latte, Frolatte!®, steamer and/or blended creme

Almond Joy coconut, chocolate and almond

Amarillo white chocolate and amaretto

Banana Split chocolate, banana and strawberry

British Islander macadamia nut, white chocolate and english toffee butterscotch and white chocolate

Cafe Vienna vanilla and cinnamon

Campfire toasted marshmallow and chocolate

Caramel Macchiato caramel and vanilla

Chocolate Monkey banana and chocolate

Cinnamon Bear white chocolate and cinnamon

Kit Kat vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon sprinkle

Milky Way caramel and chocolate topped with caramel

Mocha Mexicana cinnamon and chocolate

Moes Special white chocolate and irish cream

Mounds coconut and chocolate

Cookies & Cream white chocolate, vanilla and chocolate

Creamy Coconut coconut and white chocolate

French Vanilla vanilla and caramel

Grasshopper chocolate and mint

Heath english toffee and chocolate

Nutty Irishman hazelnut and irish creme

Raspberry Mocha raspberry and chocolate

Raspberry Swirl raspberry and white chocolate

Snickers hazelnut, caramel and chocolate

Snickerdoodle caramel, cinnamon and vanilla

Snow Peak white chocolate, vanilla and almond

Trio white chocolate, macadamia nut & toasted marshmallow

Turtle caramel and white chocolate

Vanilla Love white chocolate, vanilla syrup and strawberry

White Rabbit white chocolate and hazelnut