Working At Saxbys

Customer Service the Saxbys Way!

At Saxbys Coffee we strive to provide excellent customer service to everyone that visits our shops. we believe that our growth and success is dependent on providing our customers with the finest experience possible.

It is this attention to customer service, coupled with our high quality product that makes Saxbys Coffee a truly memorable experience. Customers prefer Saxbys Coffee not only because of the superior drink quality, but also because of the experience.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Saxbys Coffee Shops are franchises – our shops are owned by individuals who live in the community
  • Each Saxbys Coffee shop is really a small business
  • A Saxbys shop truly reflects the personality of its owner
  • Our shops are designed to be warm and comfortable, a place that can be enjoyed for hours with features such as free Wi-Fi, plasma TV’s, fireplaces, and big, comfy chairs and sofas.
  • Saxbys Coffee is roasted at our facility in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
  • The coffee is roasted with a system that produces a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee
  • We call our stores “shops”.  A store is a place to spend money and leave, while a shop leaves a warmer, cozier feeling.  We want our customers to feel that warmth.
  • At Saxbys, we aim to provide legendary customer service.  As a customer enters a shop, we want to greet them with “Welcome to Saxbys” within the first 10 seconds.